Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Making a square from a triangle


You see this little traffic island in between the trees?

According to the sign (click to read it), this little triangle will become Yad Vashem Square.
The red Calder sculpture to the left is across the street  in Holland Square. 
Interesting, the sign says "Remembering the past -- Shaping the future."
But the Hebrew means more like "Enabling the future," i.e. making sure we will have a future. 

Yad Vashem, our Holocaust memorial, is way back on the edge of Mount Herzl.
(Those white buildings on the left of the photo.)
It is a bit of a hike from the main road, Herzl Street.

Foreign tourists often get off the tram at the last stop which is called Mt. Herzl and look around and wonder where Yad Vashem is.
The signs are not well-placed, so they have to ask directions.
I hope the new square being built  will make it clear that yes, this is the right way toward Yad Vashem.
(A post for ABC Wednesday  Y day, and also for Signs, signs.)


Leslie: said...

May I wish you a happy and peaceful New Year!

abcw team

Mark said...

The Calder sculpture also sounds very interesting.

Roger Owen Green said...

Hope for the future

Happy New Year!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Dina, even if late, let me wish to you a wonderful new year !!!

Anonymous said...

A promise in the making.

Pietro Brosio said...

Interesting post and photos, Dina.
Happy New Year!

Rob Siemann said...

Shana tova, Dina, a very happy 2013, from all 3 of us, cat included.
The Calder sculpture is one of the very first things I've ever took a photo of in Israel.

VP said...

I remember when they changed the names of some metro stops in Paris, quite misleading for most of the tourists. Charles de Gaulle became Etoile, because many thought that it was the Roissy airport stop and Montmartre because it was not near Montmartre but only close to the street with the same name.

Jim said...

An interesting post.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Makes me want a follow-up to see how the square from the triangle turned out! Happy New Year.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I agree that tourists need clear signs or some vital information and sights will be missed. I think I told you before that I took a graduate course in Holocaust literature. Our professor's family was part of that sad history. He invited our class (a small one with just 12 members) into his home. This was an emotional learning experience that will stay with me forever. Shalom, Dina!

Lesley said...

It can get confusing when the same name is used several times for different things.
That Calder sculpture is very striking!