Saturday, May 6, 2017

Shepherds and flock on the move


I was out walking when suddenly a cloud of dust started moving toward me from the west.
(Hint: you can enlarge the photos and solve the mystery.)

Turned out to be a large flock of sheep and goats!

Two young Bedouin shepherds and their dog kept them moving at a fast clip.

The fine dust coming into my camera (and my nose) was not a good thing but there was no way that I was going to miss this exciting photo opp!

I followed the flock.

Here we were walking part of the Israel National Trail.
Some of the goats took a minute to stand on hind legs and eat a bit of the Meitar Forest.

You can see the houses of Meitar up on the hill.

The flock moved on toward their home in the hills and I turned back to start the climb up to my home in town.

Because the sun was setting and night would soon cover the desert.
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  1. That's quite a flock. The dogs would do a good job keeping things in order with those sheep.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Dina! It was interesting to see what was generating the cloud of dust.

  3. the last photo is fantastic Love from Poland

  4. Best post ever! Thank you for following them and taking pictures.

  5. Looking at your photos is like stepping back in time. Love this post.

  6. I agree with Alice's comment, Dina. I love these photos.


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