Friday, February 16, 2018

An alert Golan Heights cat


A cat on high alert!
Among the ancient stones of Yehudiya-Gamla Nature Reserve. 
It's best to enlarge this photo to see the cat's special stance. 

I'm just coming home from a wonderful few days up in the beautiful Golan Heights and down around the Sea of Galilee. 
I'll get my notes and photos together and start sharing the adventures with you tomorrow.

UPDATE: Just learned that Feb. 17 is World Cat Day in many parts of Europe!  :)
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William Kendall said...

What a cutie!

Kay said...

You sure do get around, Dina!

Rob Siemann said...

Looks fierce!

sandyland said...

unique stance

Hels said...

World Cat Day? My labrador wonders if there is a World Dog Day.