Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The picture that couldn't die

(Inspired by artist Pasadena Adjacent's fascinating weekly blog post called "Trash Tuesday: where getting it cheap is part of the esthetic.")
There's a lonely place over on the western edge of our mountain where I often walk to watch the sun set behind the far ridges.
The resident jackals always seem startled to see a human.
Well, one evening last January I was startled--to see this propped up against a rock.
Someone must have driven up, thinking to dump the slightly damaged pictures over the cliff, and then couldn't go through with it.
I had pity on the two Jews, the old man and the boy, and rescued them.

Sure enough, this was the fate of the other, the boat picture, two months later.
"Mine" turned out to be a numbered and signed sketch by well-known Israeli artist Yossi Stern, who died in 1992. Not that that matters. I simply became fond of the two souls he portrayed.
I thought Pasadena Adjacent would approve.


Pasadena Adjacent said...

I approve!! oh yes, you know I do

cieldequimper said...

Life's surprises.

Louis la Vache said...

In a similar vein, «Louis'» mother once rescued a print that turned out to be a genuine Utrillo.

«Louis», liking ships and boats, would have grabbed BOTH prints!


Mary Ann said...

This is a fantastic story. Sometimes, when I do something or take a specific action, I later find myself wondering what would have happened if I hadn't acted. This is a great story because that outcome is known. Because of the boat picture, we can all guess what would have happened to the rescued picture had it remained on the rock.

Life is often a mystery, but not this time. :)

B SQUARED said...

Frustrated artist? Jilted lover?

spacedlaw said...

Good deed!

Gerald (SK14) said...

The one you rescued is great - perhaps you regret not rescuing the other too.

VP said...

A nice story and a good idea!

Unknown said...

What a very strange find! And look at the sky colour on the top pic!

Robin said...

Good art has a way of making itself found, doesn't it. What a lovely find for you.

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RuneE said...

There are some people that don't appreciate neither art nor other peoples work. I'm glad you managed to rescue at least one of them.

PS Thank you for the nice comment! :-)

Jeannette StG said...

I enlarged your pic for a better look, and Denise I'm so happy you picked up the drawing of the old man and the boy - it's a very good sketch -wish I could scold the person who threw away the art.

Thankful that in the US there is a law against the destruction of an artwork.

Chuck Pefley said...

It is amazing what one finds discarded sometimes. Good for you for giving this art a new home. Sad seeing the remaining piece in pieces.

Reader Wil said...

You are right: The picture was worth while rescuing!