Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A wandering biblical exhibition has wandered from Linz and other European cities all the way to Jerusalem.
"Die Wanderausstellung 'Expedition Bibel' des Katholischen Bibelwerks Linz" opened last month at Augusta Victoria on the Mount of Olives.
If my translation is right, the banner says "Bible Exhibition -- Discover our Bible with all the senses."
The cutest part of it was this game for children.
I think they are supposed to stick the correct animal through the little doors, depending on what OT or NT passage is quoted.

They even had the tfillin that observant Jewish men put on their arm and head when praying.
I was at the church for the Schneller Symposium that day. The lights were out in the Bible Exhibition and I think it was not officially open just then, but I just had to duck in quickly and snap a few furtive photos.


Kate said...

What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Your knowledge of German is indeed right. Seems as if nowadays 'a single star' won't be enough to travel across the world, demanding at least a bible.

Please have a good Thursday.

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Cloudia said...

Furtive is good :)

Aloha from Hawaii

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VP said...

This would be very interesting and, I think, difficult to see here...