Wednesday, August 21, 2013



My first visit to the open-air market in Beersheba was an eye opener.
The fruits and vegetables were colorful, plentiful, and not expensive.
But seeing the heads and insides of cows or sheep displayed  was not something I was used to in Jerusalem's Shuk Machane Yehuda.

This picture of the butcher with a long knife about to cut something I knew only from anatomy course  made an "offal" impression on me.
Enlarge the photo if you have the stomach for it.
The term offal is used in the United Kingdom while  in the United States organ meats or the euphemistic term variety meats is used instead.

If you really really want to learn the strange vocabulary, see this food blog


Amanda said...

I don't think that shop would pass inspection (lol)!

anumorchy said...

Fresh meat for dinner. Yemenite jews like to grill cows udder! Really awful, even I like the other inner parts like heart, liver or kidneys.

Kay said...

As I recall, if Jon or Art didn't know what kind of meat was being served, they'd call it "mystery meat".

Petrea Burchard said...

I think Dina is about to turn vegetarian.

crystal said...

Urp! Glad I'm a vegetarian ;)

Hilda said...

I'm not averse to eating some every now and then (especially in Spanish-Filipino cuisine), but I'd rather not see them raw either.

MJ said...

Egads, that just sorta turns the stomach a bit but then, how many hot dogs are many of us eating out there that includes, "mystery meat" that nobody has any idea what it entails? ... take care, my friend.

VP said...

I think the funny Italian word for that is frattaglie, feminine and always used to the plural.

anumorchy said...

This Offal
was a new word for me. I was grown up in Finland and we have this black sausage
which I like very much!
Just came from a summer holiday there and enjoyed this food again.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Eeuw is right. I don't think I'll enlarge the photo!

Dina said...

Anumorchy, kiitos for the link to Mustamakkara. It is about an unkosher as it gets (pig blood), so I won't be trying it.

Friends, thanks for your funny comments! hehe