Saturday, January 31, 2015

A new neighborhood going up in Meitar


On the right side of the wadi the new houses are already lived in.
On the left, a whole new neighborhood is being built.

Here are some in-progress houses as seen from the direction of Meitar's new promenade and bike path (seen in the foreground).

Lots of big houses.
Meitar is a yishuv kehillati, a planned community, begun in 1984; and every so often they add a whole new neighborhood.
Our population is over 8,000. 

When the streets are finished, they will all be named after different birds.
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  1. Are these individual homes? Don't blink... a neighborhood grows.

  2. The homes look well suited to the terrain.

  3. Israel must be the tiniest nation on the planet. So I wondered where all the new immigrants are going to live, once they continue arriving. French citizens, for example, might be very keen to leave France.

  4. That will be a nice neighborhood, but it looks very dry.

  5. Birdman, yes, Meitar is all individual homes, many are multi-level. But some have units, like "granny flats," attached. Some families rent out these ground floor apartments. I rent a unit with living room, kitchen, small bedroom, and bomb shelter room.

    William, yep, they are houses for the desert.

    Hels, we are expecting at least 10,000 immigrants from France this year. Don't worry, they won't have to start life in tents like the mass waves of olim did in the 1940s and 50s.
    And usually the French Jews are not poor, so they will find dwellings to buy. Financial incentives from the government help the new immigrants too.
    Here in the Negev we have only 15% of Israel's population; they are welcome here.
    Actually I heard that many French will be directed to Ashdod and/or Ashkelon.

    Nadege, the houses in the older neighborhoods are more beautiful. I'll have to post some for you.

    Kay, yeah, it looks dry because it IS dry. But once they get the landscaping done and the drip irrigation hoses in the ground, it will look a lot greener. After a big winter rain that wadi has some flowing water.

  6. I like the idea of streets named after birds...

  7. Nice. That blue sky and warm feeling I get couldn't be more different from the rain and sleet here today!

    Your comment makes me cry.

  8. Interesting blog, new places. The cradle of modern culture,

  9. I like the style and colour on the big house.

  10. Wow, that's exciting! I do like that architecture - very clean lines, and in desert colors... you're well camouflaged :)


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