Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Coffee with Sr. Vassa and the Magi

Today was Epiphany.
Among other things, it celebrates the arrival of the three Wise Men to the cave in Bethlehem.
And tonight and tomorrow is Christmas day for those Orthodox Christians who use the Old Calendar, as well as for Coptic, Syrian, and Ethiopian Christians.

So tonight I thought it would be fun and enlightening to watch this short video in which those Magi are introduced in a whole new light by a young nun who is herself full of light.
Born in New York state, Sr. Vassa is a nun of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.
Dr. Sr. Vassa teaches at the University of Vienna, this after many years in a monastery in France and two years in Jerusalem(!).

She is making a series of 10-minute Coffee with Sr. Vassa episodes and 2-minute Coffee Breaks, to be found on YouTube
Each is full of good teaching and a life lesson, presented in Sr. Vassa's inimitable style of humor and wisdom, with some music too. 
There is something in each reflection for everyone, even me, a nice Jewish girl.  :)

You can join the zillions and follow Coffee with Sr. Vassa on Facebook or subscribe on YouTube.
Visit the Coffee with Sister Vassa Official Website, it has everything you need to know about this special nun.
Yalla, have fun!  Let me know what you think. 

And merry Christmas to Sr. Vassa!
(Z is for zillions, linking to ABC Wednesday meme.)


  1. She's wonderful, and I am so glad to have found her!

  2. Very interesting, Dina. Most astonishing fact ... nuns wear Clinique make-up ;)

  3. Such a great resource. You never cease to amaze me.

    I went online last night and watched some of the Orthodox church service live out of Johnstown PA for Christmas mass. It is amazing what we can access through the internet.

    Today, for ABC Wed., I'm writing about the trend of breweries sweeping North Carolina. Quite an about face from all of the spiritual postings!


  4. I started watching her videos after the first time you wrote about her and i am enjoying her videos:)

  5. Thank you Dina for an interesting piece, even better from 'a nice Jewish girl', who is so knowledgeable about different religions,
    You may be interested to read my piece about Zachariah the prophet, originally from the Old Testament Bible.
    Best wishes for 2015.

    ABCW team.

  6. She is fine! I liked the last part, about taking time to listen to how God speaks to us. But, make-up?:-)

  7. Ladies, the make-up, it's a joke, a joke, Sr. Vassa's special delivery of humor!
    It's a good thing you added a winking smiley. ;) haha

  8. And in Puerto Rico and some other places, it was Three Kings Day!


  9. I had not heard of Sr. Vassa before. One of her comments on the YouTube link sent me running to Wikipedia, the font of all contemporary knowledge. According to Wiki, Jerusalem was not at all content with Herod's reign--in fact, quite the opposite. Oh well, Sr.Vassa is still a fascinating character to watch. Thanks for the opportunity, Dina.

  10. Gosh! She certainly makes it easy to learn.

  11. Each Sunday me and pal Paulie go for coffee. I always have a 'life lesson' for him.

  12. Hi again Dina, I have posted a reply to your comments on my ABCW post about Zachariah, hope you have time to pop over for a peek,

    Best wishes Di .x

  13. Oh my gosh she's a treasure Dina, and as you say she has a lovely sense of humour.. wouldn't it be wonderful if only more people had a sense of humour.


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