Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Makhtesh Ramon in the desert


Welcome to the Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center.
Inside you can learn about this unique area in Israel's Mount Negev region.
The new Ilan Ramon Museum is also inside, commemorating our astronaut who perished when the space shuttle Colombia burned up in 2003. 

The Visitor Center perches on the cliff  500 meters above the floor of Makhtesh Ramon.
Click on the photo twice to see the little people.

The Negev desert has three enormous craterlike makhteshim, which are unique to the region: Makhtesh Ramon, Makhtesh Gadol, and Makhtesh Katan.

The Wikipedia article on makhtesh says,
Although commonly referred to as "craters," these formations are "erosion cirques" (steephead valleys or box canyons).
Craters are formed by the impact of a meteor or volcanic eruption, whereas makhteshim are created by erosion.
The word makhtesh is the Hebrew word for a mortar grinder (מַכְתֵּשׁ‎). The geological landform was given this name because of its similarity to a grinding bowl.
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William Kendall said...

Clicking on the shots reinforces the scale of the place. Very impressive!

Cloudia said...

A great hero of mine personally. I have his NASA patch here somewhere....Thanks for showing us this important building, Dina.

( '>

ALOHA from Honolulu,

GreenComotion said...

Rough & wild, but majestic!
Have a Beautiful Day!!
Peace :)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love what geology does!

Kay said...

What an amazing picturesque place!

Hels said...

I have been to Israel a squillion times in my life but have never heard of Makhtesh Ramon *blush*. From your images, the height is awesome, as is the desert below.

Dina said...

Hels, you have to get down to the south next trip. :)
I will post some more photos of Makhtesh Ramon soon, including the incredible hotel on its rim.

Karl said...

What a place, Dina !

s.c said...

Interesting architecture here. It blends perfectly with the landscape. Thanks for showing.

VP said...

An curious building and a very interesting architecture, with a great view on the desert...

Suzanne said...

Always wanted to go there!

Birdman said...

It's true! You can almost see forever here.

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Fascinating place.
The blend of landscapes Negev.
Greetings from Polish.

cieldequimper said...

It blends in nicely but oh the views!!!

RedPat said...

Love that building and the views!

Unknown said...

what a beautiful place.