Friday, November 13, 2015

Vienna by night


After a month of working on the farm in rural Austria I came up to Vienna today.
My first time! 

I started wandering around the city on foot early afternoon and walked until after six.

It was great to see many of Vienna's spectacular public buildings lit up when night fell.

This shot is interesting because it caught the reflective tires of a bicycle.
So many bikes and going so fast!  They have a lane right on the sidewalk.
I had to remember to stay in the pedestrian lane of the sidewalk and not get hit.

The huts are of a big Christmas market that will soon start.
I'll be here in the city until Tuesday, then back to the reality of Israel.


  1. Have a great time there fly safely to your homelanmd. Cheers from Poland

  2. I would love to walk those streets myself someday. Beautiful shots!

  3. Vienna is one of my favourite cities on the planet. I sit near the Ringstrasse and pretend I was a very cultivated, very famous member of the Vienna Secessionists :) But be wary of those fabulous pastries; they will add 2 kilos to your hips every time.

  4. Have you gone to any of the coffee-houses Vienna is known for? Have a fun and safe time!

  5. You are so brave to travel around the world on your own, Dina. I've always admired your courage and resolve.


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