Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lucy Goosie's Lag BaOmer


Bad blogger, that's what I am tonight.
Forgive me, but I just can't get psyched to put on shoes and socks and venture out now, after 10 p.m., to the periphery of Meitar to look for and photograph the traditional bonfires of our Lag BaOmer holiday.
It's not that I mind getting all smokey-smelling and having to wash my hair and clothes, it's just that I'm lazy tonight.

But maybe even better than bonfire photos,  I give you this detail from artist-friend Lucy Ridsdale's painting called Cleansing Fire.
Thanks Lucy! 
The Hebrew letters say Lag BaOmer.
To know more about this holiday you could see the short explanation by the Velveteen Rabbi 
or the more detailed ones at  Jewish Treats blog.
Or watch the short video about the spirited yearly hilula celebration on Mt. Meron.
UPDATE:  My Australian friend Lucy Ridsdale is an amazing young woman.
See her in an olive tree in an earlier post. 
She is a painter and a perpetual pilgrim.  In fact she earned a degree on the subject of pilgrimage.
Right now she is finishing a Master of Arts in Ritual Chant and Song in Limerick, Ireland.
You never know what she'll be doing next.
Take a sample taste of her blogs:
Taking the Long Way Round [Ireland]
La Via de la Plata, Pilgrimage on a Camino de Santiago
One step at a time is good walking [her 1000 km on the Bibbulmun Track in Australia]

We can all learn a lot from this Wild Goose.


  1. A bonfire of a post, with so many curious and interesting links...

  2. Aha... Another amazing Lucy in your life. She sounds like a very interesting person.


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