Monday, May 5, 2014

Memorial Day begins


Tonight our Memorial Day began, the Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terror.
A great many of Meitar's 8000 residents came down to the Amphi for the ceremony.
The nation-wide siren sounded for one minute at exactly 8:00 pm.

There were readings, prayers, a flute, and a choir.
Here we stood to sing Hatikva.
I felt a strong bond of togetherness (even though I know hardly anyone)  and I was glad to be in Meitar.

 After the ceremony several hundred people walked over to Beit Hatarbut, the new "House of Culture."
The flame of remembrance burned. 

A long table showing all Meitar's soldier sons and daughters who died in the wars or while on duty.

A memorial candle for each.

The evening ended with a singer, an accordion player, and a drummer on stage leading us in singing the old and new songs, all sad, that were written during Israel's many wars.
Tomorrow morning a graveside ceremony will take place in the small military section of Meitar's cemetery.
Memorial Day is a sad and emotional day for this little nation where everyone is, or feels like they are, family.


  1. This is a sad day of remembrance. I'm glad you were able to attend the ceremonies, Dina. I guess our Memorial Day is around the corner now.

  2. A fitting tribute for brave men and women. You capture the occasion with the solemness it deserves.

  3. Peace always! It may comfort you a bit, knowing that feeling like one family continues overseas as well. Everyone in the galut who has a son, daughter, grandchild. niece, nephew, aunt or neighbour in Israel stood for a minute's silence as well.

    We were in Jerusalem the day the bus was blown up in Emek Refaim and all those children were murdered. We heard the bomb and could see the ambulances try to save the children's lives from the hotel window. What a never ending and tragic loss of young life.

  4. sad and emotional as you said.

  5. I fear that as long as humans will be humans, there will be more...

  6. I was so lucky to be there on this occasion a long time ago. It was first moving and then joyful, and almost unforgettable!


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