Monday, May 26, 2014

Pope Francis now on the Temple Mount


Eight o'clock in the morning.
Pope Francis is already at the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount.
The Mufti of Jerusalem is speaking to him.

After that, to the Western Wall.

Watch live at

or with commentary and translation at  
Just be aware that the commentators speaking from Rome unfortunately  make a lot of factual mistakes when speaking about the Holy Land.

Papa Francesco will be running from one event to the next until 8 p.m.  when Israel says farewell to him and he flies home to Rome.
Wishing him strength and all good.


  1. Your excitement about his visit always makes me smile. He is really such a beautiful and loving person.

  2. Thank you for posting real time Pope visit news with local twist. Have a Great week.Mary

  3. I'm not Catholic, but I like him. He seems to be driving the Vatican bureaucracy and the traditionalists nuts. He's everything Benedict was not.

    Excellent shot of the Dome of the Rock.

  4. Thanks for the updates. It's good to get a local perspective. Francis is such an improvement over the popes before him!

  5. I'm with you, William.

    Dina, I love seeing your shots of Jerusalem. Do you ever get to visit? I wonder if you miss it.

  6. Friends, thanks for your responses.

    Petrea, yes, Jerusalem is missing in my new life in the south. But she is always in my heart.
    I was invited back to my old village twice since last August (when I moved away), but didn't get to spend time in the big city. It takes two and a half hours or more on the buses one way. But I will go again; can't stay away for long.

  7. What an exciting time this is for you. I hope the pope is doing well with his busy schedule.


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