Saturday, November 8, 2008

Old City vehicles

The walled Old City is to the east of the new city.
The Christian Quarter (about 4,000 people) in the upper left, Armenian Quarter (2,000) in lower left, Jewish Quarter (3,000) bottom center.
The Muslim Quarter (26,000) is all the rest, including the large rectangle of the Temple Mount.

Aerial photo borrowed from the Internet.

The bustling bazaar streets that we saw in yesterday's post are still asleep at 6:00 a.m.
 I used to walk this street every morning to my dig at the Western Wall Plaza.
More cats than people just before sunrise.
The steps and the narrowness of the major shuk/market streets make them impassable for cars.

When I moved to Israel in 1968 donkeys still transported goods and sometimes people inside the Old City.
Now only this tourist donkey is left, and he works just outside the Old City.
Here he is seen at the New Gate.

These carts are the "modern" way to go.
The only brakes are the tire chained to the cart. Just step on it to slow down.
The stone steps and ramps you saw in photo #2 are slippery when wet.
Whenever I hear a young driver coming down the crowded lane fast behind me, I stand aside, out of both respect and caution.

Photo by friend Kristine S.
Garbage collection is done with little tractors and wagons.


Maria Verivaki said...

an interesting way to get around

5 points for guessing turds, and another 5 points your way if you guess the animal!?!

mommanator said...

love the cat pic- it looks so alone!
The white donkey is so beautiful! the folks look so excuberant
will you be doing another dig?

Webradio said...

The way seems (likes) interesting...
Beautiful photos, with good explain...

Becky said...

I discovered your blog through Meead S. I've enjoyed exploring your guided picture "tours" through your home village, and I look forward to returning. It's great to have an inside view of places I may never get to visit.

A Colorful World said...

Thanks so much for that aerial view, too, it helps. This was a all neat to see as well....

Eki said...

Thank you for this yet another wonderful tour of the Old City, Dina.

Oh, and that aerial view is awsome.

Dick said...

That part of the city looks so small , unbelievable so many people live there.

Petrea Burchard said...

I love these pictures of the ancient parts of the city.