Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey or terror?

A blessed Thanksgiving Day to all who celebrate it today.
We don't have this holiday in Israel. I daresay most Israelis have never seen a whole roast turkey and have no idea what cranberry sauce is.

Photo of a Heifer Ranch turkey by friend Kristine S. in Arkansas

Photo from News
But what is weighing heavily on me and all Israelis for the past 18 hours is the chaos and drama going on (and on) in Mumbai/Bombay. Pity on ALL the dead and wounded. But many of the hostages are Israelis. And the Jewish couple pictured above, Rivka and Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, directors of the Chabad House in Mumbai, are reported to be unconscious, with terrorists controlling the house. The nanny managed to carry their child out to safety.
Rivki's father was on the radio this morning, asking everyone to say Psalms, to pray, for the rescue of all. God help them.

The horror of it all drains me of energy. I try to put it aside for a few moments and to post on some neutral or even happy subject, but it doesn't work. It is a dilemma for me as a blogger. Forgive me for often posting gloom. Can any of you give me advice?


  1. Sorry Dina, no advice. I stand without words when confronted with terror or senseless violence.
    All we can do is clean house - as it finally happened here in the states.
    Preventing our own to spread terror is little but all we can do. I'm confident that under Obama, the US will not start another unjustified war.

  2. it really is sad :( !!
    it hurts to see my country going getting such sadness

  3. Dina, it is an important thing to post about. My prayers to all those effected by this horrible terror. In some ways, that's all of us.

  4. Please do keep posting these things, Dina. The more who pray the better. What's happening in India is devastating and we must pray -- but especially when it concerns someone who is 'close to home' to us. I have friends in India -- I don't know if it is affecting them where they are, but I pray.

  5. sometimes you must also look on the bright side. it saddens me to think about what has been going on in these places, but it has taught also that everything is volatile. we must seize the moment; sometimes it takes only one second to change your morale and think differently about life. am i being too optimistic? maybe, but i have young children, and can't paint doom and gloom all over my face all the time...

  6. Dear Dina, thank you for sharing your heart with us even when the thoughts are not light and happy...because everyone needs to see and understand that such horrible things are devastating the lives of others...and we all need to pray and say the Psalms and lift up those suffering ones. Your post brings tears to my eyes and sorrow to my heart for the innocents who must suffer because other humans decide they will destroy and kill. On this Thanksgiving Day for us in the USA, while there is much to be thankful for, there is also much to be sorrowful about. May God use all our prayers and thoughts to help ease the pain and suffering of everyone touched by this latest tragedy and terror.


  7. I 'm sure that none can be indifferent,or fair, in front of such violence, Dina. We're just human.
    I'm angry, outraged even before watching this gorgeous and happy family.
    It's worse knowing personally some of the vistims.
    15 French people are also in one hotel. Many nationalities are concerned.
    Please, If you know Rivka and Gavriel, give us some news. In place of their father, I would do exactly the same, what can we do else?

  8. Klaus, thanks for these ideas.

    Pretty Me!! I am so sorry for all your losses of life there in India. God bless you all.

    Leora, you are so right. It is all of us. Suffering like this attack brings people together.

    Kaybee, oh, you know someone in person there! That makes it more personal, the tragedy; and makes the unknowing more difficult.

    M.Kiwi, yes, your situation at home is totally different from mine. I was like you when my kids were still at home. Good onya and good luck in keeping your bright face. The kids deserve it.

    Sara, amen. Thanks for these words.

    Catherine, I don't know the young rabbi and his wife. But I wanted to show their faces because then it can be grasped more that if we just talk about 125 dead, without names or faces yet. The little boy's grandmother in Israel was on TV news tonight. She is packing to fly right into Mumbai to take care of her grandson, while people are trying to convice her to wait till the danger is over.
    Some floors of the Chabad House are still under terrorist control.
    I pray your countrymen are safe.
    What a world we live in!

  9. We have had the news on for the last two days watching as to what is going on there, this is so sad my heart breaks for all those involved

    I have tried several times at different times to get your blog to open and always seem to have a problem but i am not sure if its blogger or my server, but just wanted you to know i do come and visit

  10. Dina, I also ask you to keep posting these things! They are sad and terrifying, but they occur, and maybe it helps a little to share the sadness with others.

  11. I can't give any advice, but please keep writing about these things. It's important that people talk about them and I find that I rely on blogger more and more to get my news. But I think that M.Kiwi is right: don't for get to appreciate the moment and the good things of life.

  12. I was just checking my email, after getting my grandson, who is spending the night here for the second time ever, back to sleep. I wanted to see if the person from Mumbai I have met through blogging had answered my email. She hasn't, but I looked at a few comments and saw that Catherine had directed me to you.

    I'm glad she did. I bookmarked your blog, and plan to come back in the morning to read all your other replies. CNN had been broadcasting non-stop, but now, all they have had on when I've looked to check, is the show about heroes. I did hear about this family, whose child had gotten out. I didn't know they were unconscious. They are in my prayers, now, too.


  13. I'm so sad, Dina. As human with an heart and love for other humans, I feel angry, and even if I "put it aside for a long time", my anger will still there.

  14. My Dear-
    You only give us permission to realize the weight we already carry. Thank you. We are not put-off, but liberated. Post your heart!
    I posted a generic walk through Waikiki today and it feels a bit trite after your post. Some are colorful, wee songbirds - you are a grander and graver, yet no less wonderous & beautiful flyer. You-as-you-are blesses us all. 40+ comments! how many more readers?!
    You obviously touch a chord! Bless you, Dina. Aloha-
    Today we are all Chabad!

  15. Having lived through constant terror during WW2 I understand what you are feeling. We also had dear friends in Israel, she was a highschool teacher and during all the troubles, never knew how many of her matriculation class still urvived.
    At one moment you are buying vegetables for your dinner and the next, something explodes as you turn around. There are always people you know among the casualties.
    In those troubled times it is a matter of living each moment for that moment, literally as thugh it may be your last. Enjoy the air you breathe, the bed you sleep in and the food you eat. Help where you can and always stay calm and cheerful. A gloomy face and gloomy thoughts only make the situation worse. I have always loved the old Jewish saying: when you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on... Help and hope both come from the most unexpected sources it you keep an open cheerful mind.
    God Bless you and all who are troubled.

  16. We have to talk about it, Dina. We can't let the extremists of the world decide for the rest of us how we will live. Nor can we let our government officials tell us to hate one another.

    There are four Mumbai daily photo blogs. Maybe a good place to start.

  17. I want to add, Dina, that you are an example to us. You post photos and text of your Arab friends and co-workers; you speak of Christian friends and Jewish friends, and I happen to know you have atheist friends. You allow all people to exist in your open heart. You are just what this world needs.

  18. Beautiful Dina.

    In terms of the politics of this "terrorism" I believe that it is military aggression against the arab world that causes these attacks. It is their way of fighting back.

    But in terms of who has my sympathy and prayers for their suffering it is all victims, civilians that are innocent and have nothing to do with politics regardless of what country they are from.Innocent civilians are still dying from the bombing of Hiroshima.
    What a heart rending story of that courageous grandmother who is going to rescue her grandson.My prayers go with her.

    I think Mediterranean Kiwi made a beautiful statement, how he must be positive about the world because he has youngsters.Yes we are usually strong and courageous for the people around us more than for ourselves.

    You just about never post gloom Dina. You have a beautiful positive religious blog. As I said before your blog is a miracle from the holy land.

    I assumed you were jewish but the other day you said you were Polish. Are you jewish.

    The advice I have to give you is to continue posting your words of sympathy and concern for injustice.

    thanks for this message from Jerusalem.

  19. Shalom Ichandrae. Thanks for your always-thought-inducing comments.
    Just to clarify: Yes, I'm Jewish. There might have been some confusion because a new Dina from the UK left a comment the other day, so the Polish was about her and not me.

  20. I echo Petrea's description of you, Dina. You are open to all who are good and want peace. The Mumbai assault has been dreadful, and this young couple were so generous with their work. It's a miracle that their young child survived.

  21. This has truly been horrible news and we have been riveted to the TV wanting to know more! I hope and pray the young couple you pictured will be OK! I am praying for all in Mumbai who have been touched by this senseless tragedy!!! Don't apologize for not posting something pleasant--this is heartbreaking for all of us, and we all need to share in it with our hopes and prayers! All my best--


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