Friday, November 19, 2010

Cathedral organ mirrors

Two mirrors are needed for the organist because he sits with his back to the choir, minister, and congregation.
People and pews are reflected here, and they are going into James' Weekend Reflections meme.
A different view in the mirrors, gotten by my scrunching down to pedal level.
The organ was built by the Rieger Company of Austria which specializes in constructing organs requiring minimal service, for places with wide variations in temperature and humidity.
Dedicated in 1898, the Cathedral of St. George the Martyr, mother church of the Anglican/Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, is home to both an Arabic-speaking and an English-speaking congregation.
It is on Nablus Road in east Jerusalem.


Leif Hagen said...

I bet that organ really has some pipes! Did you pull out any of the stops, Dina?
I would have asked the organist to play Toccata in F by Widor!

James said...

Very nice shots Dina. I'm glad that you spotted these. I'm always looking for reflections in unexpected places.

Malyss said...

I knew there were mirrors but never had seen them!
That's interesting!

'Tsuki said...

A quite interesting shot, even if I find the reflections too small to my taste... Nice one here again !

Gabriela Abalo said...

Nice reflections!!! thanks for sharing

greetings from Uruguay :)

VP said...

I am always interest in organs and this one seems a very good one. You have found a really curious and unusual reflection...

Kim, USA said...

Oh wow Dina your reflection shots are amazing. Love it!
Weekend Reflection-The orchid

Cloudia said...

Rare fog

rare organ

rare posts as usual - a conundrum!

Shalom from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Dina said...

Leif, you make me laugh. :D
I *wish* I were the type who could pull out all the stops.
Widor's Toccata--I first learned to hate it in Australia, at St. Mary's Cathedral in Sydney. The Solemn Sung Mass would end; I would get up to go in peace, with the sound of Gregorian chant by the male choir still humming in my ear; and then the organist would suddenly break into that Toccata. Everyone would gather around him and watch the show. To me it sounded like circus music. Feh.

James, just think of how many times, in how many countries, you are thought of as we bloggers suddenly find a reflecting surface.

Malyss, I think they are interesting too!

Tsuki, hope you enlarged the photo. But yeah, the mirrors were pretty small compared to the big organ.

Gabriela shalom! Uruguay sounds so far away. Thanks for coming by.

VP, it is pretty new, dedicated in 1984. I have never heard it.

Hi Kim. Glad you enjoy the photo.

Cloudia, and YOU are a rara avis. :)

Elisa said...

Nice shot and well done!

Springman said...

Now I know how my choir teacher knew I was foolng around!

Francisca said...

Oh Dina... how fun to imagine you scrunching down for the perfect reflection shot. This is super. Would love to hear the organ play. And I agree... how famous James is as we all seek beautiful, interesting or quirky reflections to share. :-D

Kay said...

Now that is interesting to see the mirrors. You are so creative in your reflection choices.

Dina said...

Elisa, thank you!

Springman, nice to imagine you in choir. :)
Once I had a job interview in which the interviewer left the room and left me alone in his office behind what turned out to be a trick two-way mirror.

Francisca, well, I said "scrunching" in order to avoid saying "kneeling," as in "There goes that crazy Jewish photo blogger again, kneeling in church next to the organ." LOL

Kay, I'm far from being creative. I think it's just a matter of finding nice things to photograph and Jerusalem has them in abundance.

Dina said...

Francisca, I should confess, the organ was on a low wooden platform, so I didn't have to lie on the floor or anything drastic in order to shoot the pedals.

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

I agree with what you said to James. I can't count the times I am out with my camera and find myself saying, "That shot will be great for weekend reflection"!! And at first I wouldn't like the meme. It is becoming one of my favorites. It makes you think.

The organ shot is one that you see more details when you look a second or third time.

Birdman said...

Ha! You're right in this case. Never thought of that. Two mirrors? Ha! Have a great weekend.

Francisca said...

Dina, you do know my laugh was entirely a WITH you laugh... we're a special breed, us amateur photo buffs, I'd say, with our own quirks... But that is what makes it so much fun. And it's for fun that we do this. I have captures of friends in the oddest positions trying to get a special angle and I think it's just a howl. More than anything, I so appreciate you being you; open, warm, smart and funny. I learn not only fascinating things about your country, but also about a very special woman: you.

Pietro Brosio said...

Very interesting images of the organ, Dina. The organ music is so fascinating.