Friday, November 26, 2010

Unproductive clear skies

Another sunset in the Jerusalem Hills for SkyWatch Friday.
November and Israel still has clear skies and abnormal warm temperatures in the mid or high 20s C.
No rain since last spring.
Groups, interfaith groups, rabbis, and individuals have been going to mountain tops, onto the Sea of Galilee, or next to graves of long-dead tsadikim to pray (and even fast) for rain.
So far, beseeching God to open the heavens has not brought the much-needed showers.
Shabbat shalom


RuneE said...

We have brought the changes in theclimate on ourselves, but at least it lookers nice :-)

VP said...

We are having record rainfalls and now is hailing on and off. How unfair!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! The polar cold wave that has been hitting Europe is here now and I hate it! LOL!

Birdman said...

We got our first wintery mix last night: snow, sleet, freezing rain. I guess summer is GONE.

Leif Hagen said...

Hey, who turned out the lights?
Lovely sunset, Dina!

Laura said...

beautiful sunset Dina...shabbat shalom.

Kay said...

Gorgeous colors, Dina. We've been getting rain, but it's more a drizzle that just produces rainbows but doesn't raise the water table.

Eki said...

Beautiful sunset, Dina!

I think our climates have become too erratic these days. A result of global warming?

Here it's been unusually wet all year round. We haven't really had a dry season this year (normally we'd have approximately 6 months of dry season and 6 months of rainy season).